Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ducted fans!

When you are starting a new tech art project, you are engaging in a search for the best way to implement your idea.

As soon as you make a large purchase, you immediately will find an even better solution!

I've had lots of fun with the servomotors, but now I am wondering about ducted fans and from the R/C hobby world for breath-over-IP, it sure would be a BLAST!

They appear to have electronic speed control, but I wonder how fast they can speed up/slow down. Also I'd need a 34A @ 11V power supply, not hard for a big battery, but tougher for a 120V based system.

These R/C electric airplane motors are much faster than industrial servomotors (8-20 kRPM versus 3-4 kRPM), so I suspect their props are probably more efficient (more lift, less drag). Apparently you can get the motor and esc together or a ducted fan motor/prop/esc together well. But you better put some mesh on it or you will slice off someone's finger!


Andy said...

I just noticed your blog- I'm jumping into stepper control for the first time. (both for a personal project and also a small project at work)

Any tips / tricks for using a gechodrive drive with a stepper controled with an Arduino? Does it seem to work fairly well? That seems to be a cheap way to get at a programmable, precision control of a stepper.

Anyway, based on your ducted fan comments I thought I'd suggest a source for RC related electronics.

Direct from hong-hong. I've used them for many motors, speed controls, and batteries for my RC aircraft. I've had fairly good luck with them so far. They also carry an assortment of ducted fan assemblies.

best of luck,

t11s said...


Sorry, I am using the Geckodrive brush DC controller (G320X). I have not tried their stepper motor controllers, although the G201 looks like a similar interface, one pin is LOW/HIGH for CW/CCW step direction, and the other pin is a "STEP" pin you pulse to move forward one step.