Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brushless Motor Test

I hooked up a Great Planes Ammo 20-40-3500 In-Runner Brushless Motor attached to Great Planes Silver Series 25A Brushless ESC 5V/2A BEC powered by Radio Shack 7.2V battery and controlled by Arduino servo library.

This ESC has three control wires. Brown is ground, Red is the ESC "battery eliminator ciruit (BEC)" +5V, and Orange is the servo pulse control. I hooked up the Brown wire to the Arduino ground, and the Orange wire to Arduino pin 9, and left the Red wire not hooked to anything:


Anonymous said...

could you open the arduino code snipped controlling the brushless motor to the public ?

Anonymous said...

my emial for the snipped would be:

thanx c.

t11s said...

See the code here:

Rahul Vyas said...

please can i see the code? i also want to control brushless motors with arduino and am confused.
god bless you if you give me the code :)