Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making a Full Color White Light Hologram

Using 123D Catch iPhone app, I captured a model of my wife Carla, and then took that an made an 8x10" full-color white light hologram from Zebra Imaging:

My thoughts:  123D Catch is pretty easy to use to capture a 3D mesh.  Making the hologram from the mesh on was pretty easy as well - they interface well with Zebra Imaging.  I probably should have fixed up the mesh a bit in Blender or MeshLab, but I had to use a coupon before it expired.  The hologram has a kind of "grid" to it, but you don't tend to notice it very much.  The hologram is not very efficient, you need to illuminate it with a very bight light to see anything.  I ended up purchasing an Ikea Jansjo Desk Work Led Lamp Light, which does a good job of illuminating the hologram because it is a point source, single white LED.  Pretty awesome!

Here is what the mesh looked like in MeshLab after I captured it:

Crashspace's Sparkles in 3D

I did a quick 3D model of Crashspace's "Sparkles" the pony soldering iron using the iPhone 123D Catch app, here are the results in MeshLab:

Needs some work in Blender.  You can see that I put Sparkles on top of a drill press to capture the model.