Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Boards

Here is the Modtronix SBC65EC. It is a PIC18F6627 based system with Ethernet, RS232, I2C, 12 Analog Inputs, and 32 Digital I/Os. It comes pre-loaded with Web Based Configuration, and can bootload new programs over Ethernet:


And here is the Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller. It is an 8-channel servo controller driven with RS-232 or TTL serial. It is small!

Polulu Servo Controller

Could I write a 5-channel servo controller on the SBC65EC board? Probably yes, but since the Pololu controller only cost $20, it isn't worth me spending the 10 hours it would take to write the servo controller and make it work well and play nice with the TCP/IP stack. Unfortunately the SBC65EC does not expose all of the PIC18F6627 PWM outputs, so I'd have to do the PWMing myself.

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