Monday, November 14, 2005

"Look"-ing Good

Yesterday I stopped by Scott Hutchison's studio to do some work on Look, a work we are collaborating on with his great eye paintings and my computer and sensor technology.

Scott took some video of his wife helping us test the work available here.

We're still deciding if we are going to use active IR sensors or passive IR motion sensors. The behvior of the system is a bit different with active or passive. With active, you can sense someone who is in front of the sensor, but not moving. With passive, you can detect people very far away in a wide swath of area, but only if they are moving. I had no choice with Sycophant, as the head was moving itself, so motion detection was not practical, and I used active IR sensors in that project. In Look, the sensors will not be moving, so the choice is a bit harder.

Here is the test setup for Look:

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