Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Blame" hand

As an early birthday present, I got a Canon SD400. A very nice little camera!

Here is a picture of the hand of Blame:

It came out pretty good, except for that little "zit" on the top, which I have since filled in with a little bit of stone. I attached the hand to a CPVC slip end cover using a masonry screw and a big gob of Loctite Epoxy Gel (which is supposed to work with plastics and ceramics). Later, I epoxied the CPVC slip end cover to the "arm" CPVC pipe.

I have found a great site for "random" stuff like motors, power supplies, and PIR detectors: MPJA.com.

Finally, the work I am doing with Scott Hutchison, now named Look, got mentioned at DCist.

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