Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New PIC chips

There seem to be all kinds of new cool PIC chips, good info here. In particular, the 16F819 has 5 channels of A/D, I might use this for the next generation Sycophant.

The current Sycophant IR proximity detectors are used in a binary fashion, either someone is within range or not. But the detectors are actually analog, so they could be used in a more intelligent way.

In particular, I noticed that when installed in a crowded room, Sycophant locks up because the crowd will end up being "in range" for more than one detector. With A/D, I could have Sycophant's head always move towards the IR detector which indicates someone is closer. In addition, the minimal distance for activating movement could be set in software instead of with a trimmer potentiometer.

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