Monday, October 10, 2005

Art-O-Matic and Motor Controller

Friday I met with Claudia Vess and Brian Judy who ran last year's Art-O-Matic Digital Art committee. The next Art-O-Matic will occur in late October, 2006. Also attending was Philip Kohn, who exhibited at Art-O-Matic and has been doing very cool things along the lines of a mirror, except with highly modulated and distorted video.

One of the things we decided we wanted to do for Art-O-Matic 2006 is to have an "Art-O-Mobile" using mobile IP to provide a videoconference link betwen Art-O-Matic's main location and remote locations, using video projectors.

Today I built a DC motor controller kit from Hobby Engineering. It handles up to 4A, and seems to work well with the windshield wiper motor for "Blame". The wiper motor draws about 0.75 A with no load, and about 0.8A with the PVC pipe load which forms the arm of "Blame".

Here is the finished motor controller:

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