Monday, June 17, 2013

Lynxmotion AL5D Arm Inverse Kinetics reference material

The best theoretical analysis of inverse kinetics for the Lynxmotion AL5D robotic arm can be found here.

Furthermore, someone has already coded up the AL5D arm inverse kinetics code for Arduino.  I've ported this to Python and a quick test shows it appears to be sane (with some hack tweaks to make up for different initial angles of my servos), but I need to do more extensive testing.  I suspect the initial angles of my servos are different than most typical AL5D applications as I've set everything up to maximize reach for moving chess pieces, so I'll have to calibrate those angles into the code.

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Santiago Torres said...

Dear Friend, have you end this project. I am thinking in working in something similar using a DGT chess board....ould you share your experience..??

Best regards,

Santiago Torres