Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Litiholo jumps to 4"x5" hologram plates

Litiholo now has an upgrade kit to 4x5 inch plates. This appears to include an upgrade to a 20mW laser (I suspect the existing laser is 5mW). Cost is $149.

It isn't clear if you need the existing $99.99 2x3 inch plate transmission hologram kit for the upgrade. If so, that is a bit weird, as the upgrade kit comes with a new laser, new laser mount, new spacer, and new plateholder - isn't that pretty much everything from the 2x3 inch kit?

It is a bit clearer that you need to have the existing reflection hologram upgrade kit if you expect to use the 4x5 inch upgrade for reflection holograms. The 4x5 inch refill kit is about $13 per plate, a big step up from the 2x3 inch refill kit which is $4 per plate.

Anyway, this is a pretty cool development. I wonder if it is as easy to make 4x5 inch holograms using the litiholo film as it is to make the 2x3 ones. That is more area of the plate to vibrate during the exposure. I'm putting this one on the wish list, but my first goal is to


Mark said...

Is it possible to generate a holographic dome (like the vaulted ceiling of a room) that is 5 metres x 5 metres, that can be placed on a flat ceiling, to give this effect. One of our clients has asked for this?

Thanks, Mark

t11s said...

Mark, creating an actual hologram of that size is likely going to be incredibly expensive, but apparently possible.

Here is a video of work by Paula Dawson who specializes in huge holograms.

Here is a story about her work on a $800,000 8mx16m transmission hologram.

Mark said...

Thanks for the reply.

WOW. The hologram is *amazing*.

I foolishly didn't expect it to be so expensive, but at least I can go back to my client.

Mark said...
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