Monday, March 07, 2011

Chumbuino and Firmata

My scheme to establish a simple method for web-enabled / widget-enabled control of an Arduino from a Chumby (aka "Chumbuino") moves forward. Theron Trowbridge suggested the use of Firmata, a MIDI-like protocol, as a standard serial control protocol between the Chumby and the Arduino. I grabbed PDuino (Firmata for PD) and Pyduino (Firmata for Python), loaded up "OldStandardFirmata" on my aging Arduino NG, and was able to get the Pin 13 LED to flip on and off reliably through both.

Now I need to 1) create a Python program to hit a web service to implement Firmata and 2) then create the web service using Google App Engine

Follow-on projects include 3) socket-to-serial gateway in Python and 4) tweak Pduino to output to a socket and 5) then xmlsocket-to-serial gateway in Python with 6) Chumby Widget with xmlsockets to control Arduino.

[it turns out the Chumby widget might be easier than I think, as there already is a Flash Arduino Firmata controller.]

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