Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 USARTs and new Breath Sensor

Regarding cheap PHY2PHY (physical to physical interactions over the Internet), I am still convinced that it is hard to beat the Lantronix products for having a solid serial to TCP/UDP/IP/DCHP stack. My best results was with the good old Xport. My results with the Xport Direct and an Xport Arduino Shield have been less than stellar, but it may just be do to the sad state of Arduino SoftwareSerial (even the better versions). Both Lantronix products are around $50.

My best results were with Comfile CUBLOC that has two USARTS, one for monitoring the system, the other for serial-to-Ethernet. But wait, now you can get the Arduino/Wiring Board-esque Sanguino with 2 USARTS. The Sanguino (no USB) is around $30, the Wiring Board itself is $60 if you need a lot of digi I/O.

Then I come upon a new Wind Sensor from Modern Device. The anemometer impeller solution was always kind of expensive plus it took a long time to spin down once spun up. I wonder how responsive this one is? At $17, it is also way cheaper.

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