Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Here are some quick updates:

My Breath OSC Interface App is now on iTunes, hurrah!

I am picking up from three years ago on DogCeleration. Especially now that my beagles are in LA and just had their first movie released, I thought they should join the art world as world. They key to interfacing with the Bluetooth BlueRadios on OS X is Zterm, just remember to hit shift when you run it to choose the right connection.

Alberto Gaitán recently mentioned the existance of Pachube, "realtime sensor, energy and environment data", which includes wind sensor data. Which would be a great source for "wind over IP" to a servomotor driven fan.

I also recently picked up a Mini2440, which is an awesome Linux-capable ARM-based SBC with Ethernet, serial ports, A/D converters, a cheap camera, and much more! I am still exploring it, but it seems pretty cool.

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