Monday, June 11, 2007

Embedded Ethernet gets cheaper

So embedded Ethernet is finally getting cheaper.

If you can figure out how it works, the Wiznet NM7010A-LF can be had for $22.

On the other hand, Lantronix now has the Xport Direct, a slightly scaled back Xport for $36. Unfortunately, it is on 2mm headers, while standard breadboards are 0.1 inch, so you'll have to get creative to make use of it (wire-wrap?)

And there is the Lantonix MatchPort is a wireless b/g interface for $75.


curibe said...

Its may not be twenty-two dollars, but you should also check out NetBurners Embedded Etherent Core Modules. Their Embedded Network Development Kit is $99 and includes "all the hardware and software you'll need to build a network aware device." NetBurner also includes their version of an Embedded Eclipse IDE. So if you know how to write ANSI C/C++ you can write code that will make the Digital I/O pins do what you'd like.

curibe said...

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curibe said...

This is from the front page of the website: "The $99 development kit includes: the NetBurner Mod5270 Core Module and development board, Eclipse IDE, uC/OS RTOS, TCP/IP stack, web server, C/C++ compiler and linker, flash file system and deployment tools. The included NetBurner Mod5270 module includes 10/100 Ethernet, 47 digital I/O, three UARTs, I2C, SPI, four channel DMA, and 16-bit external data bus. The core module features a 32-bit 147MHz Freescale ColdFire™ processor with 512k flash memory, 2MB external SDRAM, four 32-bit timers, watchdog, chip selects, interrupts, and four programmable interrupt timers."

Phattone said...

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