Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Long Distance Internet Touch

Here is video of differential pressure touch between two fingers. The two RVHEs send packets with pressure info to a server 60 miles away, then the server calculates the finger positions and sends that back. A "helper" PC is in the middle to serve as a gateway between the RVHE LAN and the outside Internet.

Obviously some scaling and timing issues need to be worked out, plus I am going to move the pressure sensors from the fingertips to near where the fingers connect to the servos, but at least there is some hope of things working!

I was able to build a serial cable to connect to the SBC65EC, which makes it much easier to configure. I have greater hopes for this board now.

Looking for a free Windows DHCP server? Try this one from Uwe A. Ruttkamp. Don't ask me why the world isn't full of public domain and open source DHCP servers for Windows. It just isn't.

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