Thursday, May 25, 2006

Eyebeam: Circuit #2

Also in Chelsea on Saturday, I got to see Circuit #2 where "emerging artists working with technology the opportunity to take over Eyebeam's exhibition space for three days and participate in critiques, roundtables and public presentations." The artists gave presentations, of which I was able to catch a few, and there was free beer as well.

Geoffrey Bell's Musical Chair: A Game For One has a video camera which images the viewer who sits in a chair. The image is split into six square segments, each one with a different time delay, and the time delayed segements are rejoined and projected onto a screen. The effect is that when you stay in one place on the chair, the projection looks normal. But if you begin to move around, the different time delayed segments decohere and the combined image is quite chaotic, until you stop again and all the segments catch up to your non-moving state and it looks normal again.

Ernesto Klar's Convergenze parallele images the dust moving in the air, and converts that to an audio signal and a video projection. I suggested to Klar that he look into cloud chambers to do a similar thing with trails of radiation.

Marta Lwin presented polymorphic [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)]: a love story, an installation where the disembodied lips of her and her partner take turns "talking" the letters of DNA of part of their genome. I totally support all genetic art!

She also previously has done work creating wearable jewelry from skin cell cultures grown on biodegradable scaffolds.

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