Friday, January 20, 2006

"Interface" Results

The "Interface" group technological art show opened last Friday night at Fraser Gallery Bethesda.

One of the works in the show, "Look", a collaboration between myself and Scott Hutchison, was featured in the Washington Post Express:

My other work, "Blame" is a robotic arm with a pointing hand that scans back and forth, and when it finds a viewer (with an ultrasonic proximity sensor), it stops and accuses them of some horrible societal issue. Here is Quicktime video of "Blame".

Other artists in Interface included Claire Watkins who does magnetic art. You can kind of make out her work in the near corner here, a powerful rare earth magnet attracting a large number of sewing needles, but they are floating in mid air since each one is also attached to the wall with thin red thread. In the distance you can see "Look" and "Blame" next to each other:

Also featured is David Page who does bondage apparatus performance works. You can read about the performance of his work for the show called "Hopscotch" in a City Paper review. Here is a still from the opening:

I was very inspired by Claire Watkins' magnet work. I have been reading up about rare earth magnets. I think it would be cool to combine powerful permanent magnets with electromagnetic coils driven by modulated current, perhaps from some kind of sensor to provide an even more interactive work.

Philip Kohn's psychadelic time and space shifting mirrors were excellent as well!

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