Sunday, September 18, 2005

New Eyes Circuit

Welcome to my new Tech Art blog! I decided that I want to keep a separate blog dedicated to my art projects, and other cool tech artwork, for my own reference and the elucidation of others.

To bring you up to speed, I am working on a collaboration with painter/video artist Scott Hutchison. It will be a slot where computer projected images of eyes will follow you as you walk by the work. The eyes will actually be Scott's eyes, as painted and animated by him. My part to play is the sensor work and software behind it.

Here is an image of the wire-wrap board for the Eyes project. Right now there is just a 7805 5V regulator, a potentiometer to set the distance desired for the sensors, the three Sharp GP2Y0A02YK long-range IR distance sensors (long-range being 5 feet...) an LM324 analog comparator chip (which compares the analog distance voltage to the potentiometer voltage) and a 7408 quad 2-input AND chip used as a buffer to help drive the digital parallel port inputs.

By the way, check out Scott's work here:

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